Multiple DSN targets with ravenjs

Is it possible to configure ravenjs to send error reports to multiple sentrys?

We have a customizable application ( and close contact with many of the users. In many cases it would be beneficial to get error reports from raven sent to us, without restricting the other developers from getting reports sent to their sentry server.

Thanks for a great product!

You can use Raven.setDSN(dsn) to change the outbound DSN globally.

It’s currently undocumented, but code is here.

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OK, I see now that you can switch the outbound DSN. So there’s no way to have it send the reports to multiple targets?

You could create a custom transport using Raven.setTransport that transmits to multiple hosts. See the Raven.js source code to see how transports are implemented (it’s pretty simple).