Multiple sentry servers using same redis instance

I have a running project right now, which is using AWS ElasticCache Redis instance for sentry queues, rate limiting and everything. I am going to start another project which is somewhat connected to the existing project. I will be setting up a fresh installation of sentry for new project.

I was wondering if it is a good idea to use same Redis instance for both the sentry servers at the same time. Will there be any clash between the keys used by both?

Keys will clash with default configuration. I believe it’s possible to configure key prefixes on all the parts that use Redis, to effectively make a separate key namespace, but it would certainly be safer to have a separate Redis instance.

I wonder, though - does the new project really need an entire new installation of Sentry, or would a separate organization/project on your existing installation suffice?

Thanks a lot for the reply.

I have been looking at the docs about how to add key prefix in the configuration. I’m still not able to figure out how to do this. Can you give me more details about what configuration I should change for this?

The project needs a new installation of Sentry because I’ve been using an older version of Sentry(7.7.4) on the existing project which uses MySQL as the db. I haven’t looked at how to upgrade it, but I’m guessing it takes a little time to upgrade this and don’t want the new project to be using an outdated version of Sentry.

You should not re-use existing infrastructure for Sentry for a variety of reasons. You’ll want a unique elasticache instance, and effectively the same for any other service. It’s possible configuration allows a prefix, but that only solves one of many possible problems that will arise.

Ok. Thanks for clarifying. Will use a new Redis instance. :slight_smile: