New Apple App privacy Guidelines

Hi, Sentry community

My team and I are considering moving from Firebase/Crashlytics over to Sentry in order to simplify our compliance toward the new Apple App Privacy Guidelines.

Nevertheless, I can’t find anywhere in Sentry’s privacy policy how end-users information are handled, or at least that’s not explicit.

Thanks in advance


I’m currently facing the same problem. Does someone have any updates for this thread?

Any updates on this? I have to disclose data being stored and/or tracked by third party apps in my iOS app as well.

i can tell you it’s completly depending on how you use sentry. for example in our case we do not process or collect any personal data while using it, therefor the apple privacy guidelines are not a big deal. So depending on which data you are collecting in your individual usecase you have to adapt your data privacy infos to it