New sdk for Fitbit


I plan to create a Sentry sdk for Fitbit to be used when creating apps for the smartwatch.

Fitbit uses javascript, so I should build on sentry-javascript. The special thing is, there is no internet connection on the smartwatch, so you have to create a companion app, that is running on the phone. From there you can communicate with the internet and the app on the smartwatch. So the plan is, to create an sdk, so that when you call the API in the companion, it just sends the data to Sentry, and when called from the smartwatch, it sends it first to the companion, then it forwards it to Sentry.

Am I right that this should be an sdk, or can this be done from an integration?
Should I build upon @sentry/browser, @sentry/minimal or @sentry/core?

Please point me in the right direction.

Hey @asztalosdani,

It should be possible to reuse our JS SDKs for that purpose, with some custom modifications to transport layer. I’m not familiarised with Fitbit environment, but I’m more than happy to discuss it if you provide me with some more details.
I also think it may be much faster to initially discuss it on Discord, where you can find our JS channel and/or myself –