No error recieved when running laravel on local artisan

Hi community!

I did just install sentry on my brandnew laravel 6 project (sentry is really cool!).

However I noticed after setting it up correctly, I tried to trigger the demo errors, but I did not recieve anything on my sentry dashboard.

When I deployed the entire application to my test server which is reachable over the web, the same code did actually trigger the error.

The only real difference is that I had the APP_ENV set to “production” on my test environment, and to “local” on my local machine. However the Sentry integration is being triggered as I debugged my way through that locally. But I have no way of finding out where this request is being blocked.

I’m developing locally on a Windows 10 machine (disabled also firewall, no changes), with php artisan serve. Do you have a hint on where I could look at to find out where the notification is being blocked?

Thank you very well!

  • Florian