No error recieved when running laravel on local artisan

Hi community!

I did just install sentry on my brandnew laravel 6 project (sentry is really cool!).

However I noticed after setting it up correctly, I tried to trigger the demo errors, but I did not recieve anything on my sentry dashboard.

When I deployed the entire application to my test server which is reachable over the web, the same code did actually trigger the error.

The only real difference is that I had the APP_ENV set to “production” on my test environment, and to “local” on my local machine. However the Sentry integration is being triggered as I debugged my way through that locally. But I have no way of finding out where this request is being blocked.

I’m developing locally on a Windows 10 machine (disabled also firewall, no changes), with php artisan serve. Do you have a hint on where I could look at to find out where the notification is being blocked?

Thank you very well!

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Hi @florianmuellerCH you solve this problem. I have same problem.

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Hi @dgironella
Sadly, I did not find a solution for that, and neither I got any other reply :frowning: But I’m currently quite happy that my development environment does not trigger sentry entries, as this would cause every little exception during development to be caught. I now rely on sentry working when having the software deployed on the test and production systems.

Hi All,

Because you are on Windows it almost not sending events due to a missing/incorrectly configured CA file.

This comment might help you fix it:

Sentry works by sending on best effort and to prevent infinite loops transport errors are ignored and I think what is happening is that your PHP is configured without a correct openssl.cafile as explained here: This can cause requests to to fail and events are then never arriving although it looks like they were correctly sent.

Can you try setting up the openssl.cafile configuration if you don’t already and see if that fixes it for you?

Related and possibly the same issue:

On a related note, I would advice you to “disable” (by leaving the DSN value in your .env empty) Sentry on your development environment since the local debugging methods are far more effective than using Sentry to debug your local application:

Thank you very much for your advice! This was exactly what was missing. According to the SO answer, I downloaded cacert.pem from and added openssl.cafile=c:\PHP7\cacert.pem to my php.ini and it directly worked! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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