No longer used Kafka topics? - (snuba-consumer : events)

Hello everybody,

I have the following Kafka topics with a lot of events, but no consumers. The sentry application seems to be working fine.

  • snuba-consumer - events
  • snuba-events-subscriptions-consumers - events

Are they no longer used, and can be safely deleted or is my installation broken?

Best regards.

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Heya, thanks a lot for raising this. I’ve directed the question to our Search & Storage team and they should respond shortly (or I’ll relay their response here myself). /cc @fpacifici


The snuba-consumer consumer group is not something you need. I don’t know who would have created that and why. snuba-consumers is the one you care for.
snuba-events-subscriptions-consumers is needed instead, the fact that nobody is consuming from there means something is wrong in your install. That is the consumer group that powers metrics alerts. If nobody consumes from that, your metric alerts are not working.

Which version of sentry and snuba are you running?

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