[ObjC] Is there a way to capture breadcrumbs without the app's crashing

In our Objective C app, we are dealing with faulty scenarios (wrong data displayed) that don’t crash the app. Is there a way to tell Sentry to send breadcrumbs to the Sentry server when a faulty scenario is encountered?


What do you consider a ‘faulty’ behavior? You can add a breadcrumb programatically when you identify such faulty behavior in your app:

Client.shared?.breadcrumbs.add(Breadcrumb(level: .error, category: "faulty-behavior"))
[client.breadcrumbs addBreadcrumb:[[SentryBreadcrumb alloc] initWithLevel:kSentrySeverityError category:@"faulty-behavior"]];

A faulty behaviour is when wrong data is displayed on the screen but the app had not crashed.

Thanks for the tip on how to add the breadcrumb programmatically.

Is there a way we can see these breadcrumbs (in a report on the Sentry server) without the app crashing?

Can I assume that the app’s Sentry breadcrumbs (at least in the case of an ObjC app) are transmitted to the Sentry server only when the app crashes?

Hello, yes, you could do:

let event = Event(level: .debug)
Client.shared?.send(event: event)

breadcrumbs will be sent altogether.

Thanks for the information Manoel. I have found the documentation section on ‘capturing events’.

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