On using Amazon MQ to back Sentry's workers


Posting this to #meta, since this is more of a design question than a #on-premise question (I believe #design is for design-related discussion rather than questions?) Am more than happy to x-post elsewhere if this is in error.

My organisation runs an on-premise installation of Sentry 9.1.2 which uses Redis (on AWS ElastiCache) as the message broker for the async workers.

In the case of high workloads, the documentation suggests that one use RabbitMQ to back Sentry’s workers. I was wondering if Amazon MQ could be used as a drop-in replacement for the same (as this would help us have a managed message broker for Sentry). Judging by the documentation (and the very little knowledge of message brokers that I have), I believe the primary difference between the two is that RabbitMQ supports AMQP 0.9.1 (with the option of plugin-based support for 1.0) while Amazon MQ (which is based on Apache ActiveMQ 5.x) supports only AMQP 1.0.

Does Sentry play ball with brokers that support only AMQP 1.0?


Sentry generally only supported RabbitMQ and Redis for workers previously. On Sentry 10 we will only support a combination of those two (for Celery) and Kafka, and eventually that all will become Kafka.

I will say that you may be able to use any Celery compatible broker, since thats all we’re running under the hood for the RabbitMQ-based tasks.

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