Override URL that sends data to Sentry

I’m using raven-js in my project and I’m trying to override the URL used to send data to Sentry. The reasoning behind that is that in some case, the URL sentry.io is blocked by IT of our customer. What I want to achieve is using a custom URL from our organization and then redirect the request to sentry.io. I’ve read about the setTransport() method but this is overriding all the HTTP transport mechanism. Is there a way to only change options.url and keep default value for the other options?

Did you find a way to do that? I’m trying to do the same…

Hi, assuming it’s the hostname that is blocked and not some kind of url pattern, a solid way to get out of this is to set up a reverse proxy that points to sentry.io, at the exact same URL path. Then you can just replace the hostname in the DSN.