Performance Issues

We have been using sentry on-premise for some time now and we love it. But it has become really slow lately. After hours of debugging I’m lost. I have tried to run cleanup but that will take days cleaning up millions of records. I stopped that and tried to get some debugging working so i could find the problem, only to find out that the React redesign left the debug toolbar quite useless for finding issues like these. I also looked at postgres/redis performance - everything seems fine. But api calls take 6-20 seconds.

Is there some kind of troubleshooting i can’t find.

Our setup is based on the kubernetes helm chart with postgres running on a dedicated machine. 3x web, 3x worker, 1x cron, 1x redis on the cluster. sentry:8.22

maybe i’m just too tired. thanks for any advice

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Our sentry instance was really slow a while ago, and we made it dramatically faster by adding index to some slow queries in our database.

Do you guys have a DB expert around ?

We faced similar kind of issue, moving to http2 at nginx level helped. Keep us updated what solved the problem for you.