PHP on-boarding code is broken

Hi everyone.
Among countless other logging apps I’ve chosen to evaluate Sentry for our webapp.

Once logged in I was greeted with a nice on-boarding tutorial that lets you select what stack you’re using.

I chose “PHP + Monolog”, which is what we use.

The composer require instructions technically finish installing without errors, however, this is an old codebase that no longer works. The example code fails to init().

So after scratching my head for a while I decided to go with the PHP stack instead of “PHP + Monolog” --> same problem.

The correct composer require command is sentry/sdk, not sentry/sentry.

These faulty on-boarding instructions caused me an hour or two of grief, which isn’t a good thing when evaluating what otherwise looks like a beautiful SaaS app.

I hope someone can fix it for future customers.

Additionally: it may be helpful to let people know that a forum account does not have the same login credentials as, and requires re-registering from scratch.

Can you tell us where you found mentions of sentry/sentry in the on-boarding?

Hi Untitaker!

When I made a new account, I was offered a quick-start that you can skip if it’s not your first time. I didn’t skip it.

Next it asks what type of stack you use, and I choose the one described above.
As soon as you click on one, the text below it changes with instructions.
It’s those instructions that had “composer require sentry/sentry”.

I guess the best way to reproduce the bug is to just make a blank account with a new email address.
I can make a video recording when I’m back at my desk (currently mobile) if you’d like.

Hey, I discussed this with PHP maintainers and opened a PR here:

I didn’t realize this was about Monolog.

Thank you!