PHP SDK 2.0 Type of 'default' not supported?

Hey there.

The documentation at:

(move down to the list of ‘type’ values)

talks about a ‘default’ value.

But, in the php source for Breadcrumb at:

there is no constant being defined for ‘default’ at all. I do note that there seems to be no checking of the value for the type value, so perhaps it’s meant to be able to accept a wider array of values than just those that are defined?

Which one is correct?

And, it’s curious that the constructor for the Breadcrumb object requires that the type be supplied. So, I’m not sure how much of a ‘default’ it really is.

If the constructor accepted an associative array of input parameters, then default values could be plugged in if the ‘type’ or ‘level’ are not explicitly supplied.