Postgres nodestore_node table 124gb

Hello all,

We use sentry on premise installation v20.10.1. ( GitHub - getsentry/onpremise: Sentry On-Premise setup).
Our Postgres DB already ocupated 150GB and become larger and larger each day.

I checked which table consumes this space :
public | nodestore_node | table | postgres | 124 GB |

Can someone explain what kind of data stored in nodestore_node table? As i understood in latest Sentry versions all events etc are stored even not in postgres but clickhouse…

Is there way to reduce size of this table? any cleanups etc?

I have the same issue.
Were you able to find an aswer?
I am not sure if I can do a cleanup :frowning:

To answer the question about purpose of nodestore:

nodestore stores the raw, unindexed parts of the data of an event. For example all event breadcrumbs and contexts are stored there. Clickhouse only stores the data you can search and aggregate by. It only has indices, so to speak.

nodestore has multiple backends. On it is not postgres, but google bigtable. We use the postgres backend for local development and for onpremise, but for large-scale installations it is suboptimal.

We don’t have a solution right now for the storage problem in any case, sorry. One thing you should ensure actually runs is sentry cleanup, but it’s definitely possible that nodestore takes this amount of disk space.

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