i have the following issue on sentry 8.18.0. It seems that sentry received data but don’t save new issues :s For example i saw new releases of my application but not the issues related to that release

ProgrammingError: ProgrammingError(‘column sentry_grouphash.group_tombstone_id does not exist\nLINE 1: …grouphash".“hash”, “sentry_grouphash”.“group_id”, "sentry_gr…\n ^\n’,)
SQL: SELECT “sentry_grouphash”.“id”, “sentry_grouphash”.“project_id”, “sentry_grouphash”.“hash”, “sentry_grouphash”.“group_id”, “sentry_grouphash”.“group_tombstone_id”, “sentry_grouphash”.“state” FROM “sentry_grouphash” WHERE (“sentry_grouphash”.“project_id” = %s AND “sentry_grouphash”.“hash” = %s )

Do you have any idea?


This looks like you’ve upgraded the Sentry code without updating the database scheme. Run sentry upgrade.


i ran a sentry upgrade and it seems to not change anything :s

no migrations were done during the sentry upgrade


I notice the same thing, all migrations have been applied, yet the error remains.
What would be a proper SQL statement to correct this table?