Propagate Python RQ tasks exceptions

I have a Flask app with Sentry error tracking. Now I created some tasks with rq , but their errors do not show up in Sentry Issues stream. I can tell the issues aren’t filtered out, because the number of filtered issues doesn’t increase. The errors show up in heroku logs --tail .

I run the worker with rq worker homework-fetcher -c my_app.rq_sentry

my_app/ :

import os

import sentry_sdk
from sentry_sdk.integrations.rq import RqIntegration

dsn = os.environ["SENTRY_DSN"]
print(dsn) # I confirmed this appears in logs, so it is initialized

sentry_sdk.init(dsn=dsn, integrations=[RqIntegration()])

I noticed that when I enqueue task my_app.nonexistent_module , the worker correctly raises error, which is caught by sentry. However when I enqueue an existing task which raises Exception, nothing appears in Sentry.

Also, I have a (a bit side-) question:

Should I include RqIntegration and RedisIntegration in sentry settings of the app itself? What is the benefit of these?

Thanks a lot for any help

I also posted this to StackOveflow.