Python sdk: client fails silently if proxy is not configured

Hi, I am facing an issue with the Python sentry sdk:
If I am behind a corporate proxy, and if the sentry client is not configured to use this proxy, no error is sent to the sentry platform when an (Handled or Not Handled) error is raised. The problem is that it fails silently, there is no error message, no error/warn log, even in debug mode.
Is it expected behavior, or can I do something to detect this configuration issue?

Python sentry-sdk 0.19.5

A sample code:

    # https_proxy='http://myproxy:port'  # error is sent to sentry if the proxy is configured

    raise Exception("sample error 20")
except Exception as e:

Hey, you should be able to see debug logs if you explicitly pass debug=True to init(). If that’s already what you’re referring to with “debug mode” then this is definitely not expected behavior