[Rails] Sentry doesn't automatically work with basic exceptions

I’ve configured a rails 4.2.9 app per the guide and it doesn’t seem to report exceptions automatically.

For example changing one of my controller actions to 1/0 throws an error but doesn’t report it to Sentry.

Similar to this issue I can manually report exceptions through Rails console. But they’re not automatically reported.

I also tried throw 'horrible thing' in a controller action and nothing was reported.

However if I set config.excluded_exceptions = [] I can see 404 errors - but still nothing that’s a 500.

Am I missing something?

OK, I think I’ve figured this out. I took a quick look at the Gemfile and it occurred to me something else might be interfering.
Sentry seems to have a conflict with the gem better_errors which helps to report details about errors in the development environment, and helps with debugging. Errors caught by better_errors still show stacktraces in the log but perhaps they’re in fact caught and handled preventing Sentry from seeing them.
Removing better_errors from the Gemfile resolved the issue.

That being said - sending errors seems to be very slow. It’s timing out about 30% of the time. I’m in Asia - that could be part of it.