[Raven-JS] Global context is not being sent to Sentry on captureException

I am on raven-js@^3.16.1

Correct me if I am wrong but my assumption is that global context will be sent along a captureException or a captureMessage call.

 id: 1,
 email: 'foobar@gmail.com'

 group: 1,
 gender: 'male',

const err = new Error('foobar error')
Raven.captureException(err) // <--- I don't see id, email, group and gender in the Sentry Logs

So far from what I have tested, I only get the context of those variables that I have explicitly passed as extra

const data = {
  token: 'asd2832nf8' // <-- I see this in the Sentry logs
Raven.captureException(err, {context: data})

Am I missing something here?

Can’t help here but in the source code it seems like it calls TraceKit to handle and parse the exception but then its send via a subscribed listener from raven-js with the user context.