Raw exception doesn't match App Only view

We have a case where an exception is thrown where its inner exception is actually the same but with a different message. The raw displays only one of those two exceptions while App only view is correct.

Lets say the stack trace goes like this:

SomeOuterException with message “foo”
SomeOuterException with message “bar”

Both SomeOuterException can be viewed in App Only, but only one in Raw. Actually in Raw, two spaces separate SomeInnerException and the only SomeOuterException.

Which language/SDK are you using?

C# on .Net Framework 4.8

Pinging @bruno-garcia as he’s our .NET expert.

I’m not sure I completely follow what’s going on. Could you please share some screenshots of what’s going on?

For context: What defines whether a frame is In App or not is not really based on the exception type, but on the namespace instead.
The SDK marks some frames as ‘not in app’ for you: sentry-dotnet/SentryOptions.cs at 49575e98544ec835fd6af1a70c97d14876461690 · getsentry/sentry-dotnet · GitHub

And assumes anything else is InApp. The “All Only” button in the UI toggles between these two types of frames.

There are a few gotchas like: If all frames are InApp=false, Sentry flips all of them to true and displays them all instead.

Ok thanks @bruno-garcia,

Here is the excessively censored screenshot of my App Only view:

App Only duplicates the second exception with a different message; might simply be a layout issue.

And the raw view:

I raised this exact issue in the past: No stacktrace displayed on top exception · Issue #8775 · getsentry/sentry · GitHub

Though I didn’t give a repro and it was assumed resolved.
I’ve now reopened and linked this thread to it.

@jstpierre Can you please share the link of an event that has this issue?

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