React-Native with native Android Code

I am using Sentry (2.0.x) on my react-native project. It has a (large) react-native codebase and a (small) native android part. What is the best way to use Sentry on both? Include each SDK separately or share one instance. If the second one is recommended, how do I set it up?
Thank you very much

hey @mllrmat, if you use version 1.3.x (latest 1.3.3) it already bundles the Android SDK too and you don’t need to configure anything, please have a look at and let us know if you find any issues :slight_smile:

Hi @marandaneto thank you for your reply. But how is the android native part initialized then? Only after the JS part is loaded? At the moment I do not get the additional meta data that is set in JS on events in the native part. Would be great if both could share a instance.

hey @mllrmat yes, first JS and then the native Android SDK ->

Which meta-data do you mean?

Right now they don’t share a instance, but we intend to do, stay tuned :slight_smile: