Redis database is constantly growing

So my redis db0 is constantly growing. I understand this is a sign of the chain underperforming, but cannot figure out the exact place. What and how should I increase/tune ?

Thanks. and the following “workers” section.

Thanks a lot, but I thought if that would be the root cause then these “sentry queues list” counters will be non-zero:

events.preprocess_event 0
events.process_event 0
events.reprocess_events 0
events.reprocessing.preprocess_event 0
events.reprocessing.process_event 0
events.reprocessing.symbolicate_event 0
events.save_event 0
events.symbolicate_event 0

And they are always zero. Where am I mistaken ?

Anyway, I’ve added dedicated workers on all queues as the doc and example suggested, this did slow redis db0 growing rate a bit, but anyway it’s still piling up, about 28K per day. Anything else I can do ?

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