Request body getting truncated

I am running Sentry 9.0.0 with SDK 0.10.2.
The “body” section is getting some part of the output cut and replaced by “…”.
I have data scrubbers disabled in the project settings, and “request_bodies=‘always’” set in the sentry_sdk init.

Additionally, the same happens to some stacktraces logged as strings - this isn’t related, but still annonying. How can I make it so no data is lost ?

Hi, could you share such an issue? We accept 8192 chars serverside for the request body right now

We’re hosting our own instance, and the “share” feature doesn’t show the body.
The (truncated) body is 600 characters long.
The newlines are messed up for some reason, but on some other (still truncated) issues it isn’t.

A workaround for self-hosted is described here: