S3 Filesystem PutObject fails due to authorization mechanism

This is the error we received.

  An error occurred (InvalidRequest) when calling the PutObject operation: 
  The authorization mechanism    you have provided is not supported. 
  Please use AWS4-HMAC-SHA256.

We are using Sentry 8.21 docker image and set the filesystem as s3.

We are using the default botocore1.5 provided in sentry.
Can sentry upgrade to botocore 1.7?

We can’t upgrade botocore because this broke some stuff for us internally. We’re transitioning away from S3 in the near future ourselves, so after that’s done, I’ll upgrade all of these. But in the meantime, we need to stay pinned for sentry.io to work.

We are using S3 buckets for file storage. Will the migration be easy and laid out? We have figured some workarounds for now.

I mean, for us, we’re entirely migrating away from S3, but the S3 backend will continue to exist. Once we do that, I can blindly upgrade since we won’t directly be using it anymore.