Send custom Alert like Error based on IF STATEMENT

if(condition ){

// send an alert to Sentry like when an error/exception occurs Sentry/Raven auto sends the Alert
// I want to send same kinda alert with a custom message like “My Logic passed”


Did you figure it out?

You won’t be able to customize alert messages. All alerts are based on events, and thus are given messages related to those events.

I actually got it working using the Ruby gem with“Message
goes here”)

Andrew CP Kelley | CEO of CallRed

HI @zeeg
If I can send just a plain Event with a Message like @ACPK did , will be okay for me.

BTW I am using JavaScript in Browser.

So“Message goes here”) will be changed to JS Raven API ? what will be that ?


Theres no guarantees on what the alert will be titled, but today we use the error class + message.

@zeeg , for Title , its okay.

So what is the JS code for sending Alert ? @ACPK made this for Ruby.

Can also use something like:

Raven.capture_exception(“Message goes here”)

Andrew CP Kelley | CEO of CallRed

Please see the docs for SDK usage: