Sending events through a proxy

Hi there,

I’m building a dotnet application that is distributed directly as an installable to our customers. To improve our application, we collect any errors and send them to In order to hinder theft of our code, we obfuscate our application before packaging for distribution. The problem is that sentry becomes a lot less useful when it sends back obfuscated error reports or events.

The way I want to get around this, is by sending all sentry communication through our server first, which acts as a proxy of sorts and decodes the events before sending them to

How would I get all the information that I need from SentrySdk at runtime? I can get the stacktrace of an exception itself relatively easy, but added sentry information such as breadcrumbs would be more difficult, I imagine. Does anyone know how to do this, or where I could find out?

Thanks in advance!

What obfuscation tool do you use? Sentry currently doesn’t support it but we’re tracking this feature on this issue: Does Sentry .NET supports .NET obfuscators ? · Issue #186 · getsentry/sentry-dotnet · GitHub

Feel free to upvote it and clarify what tool you need support for.