Sentry and GWT integration


Does Sentry work with GWT ? Does source maps included in GWT files properly parsed by Sentry and displayed in Issue pages ?


Are we talking about this?

Assuming they’re not a proprietary version of sourcemaps they should be supported just fine.


What I am lookin for is to map the get generated js files to its java files using source maps. I uploaded the java file and related source maps using versions to the sentry server. But sentry is only able to display the high level js error with line number. No java file reference is mentioned in the issue text.


What are you using to generate the sourcemaps?


I am including it in the build process. We are using gwt 2.7.

Adding these lines in the MyWebApp.gwt.xml file.

< set-property name=“compiler.useSourceMaps” value=“true”/>
< set-configuration-property name=“includeSourceMapUrl”

Additional entry in build.xml to save source.
When files are built, I am copying the sourcemap files and the java files to a web folder where it can be accessed externally.

Chrome browser show the proper java reference in the console when errors occur. But the Sentry is not able to resolve it to the java file and instead it shows the error from the generated minified js file only.


In case this is on can you mail me the link to an event showing the bad data to If that’s for the open source version is there a chance you could send me a sourcemap and a minified file? i would like to have a look at this.

We’re doing the same as Chrome is normally so it’s weird you see something else.


Sent you the links and related files to

What I see from chrome browser is that there is a mywebap-0.js is being reported as no domain. I am assuming that it is generated on the fly from other files. Sentry portal page shows that it cannot find the source for the same.


I looked at the files you sent me and the issue you linked and while I cannot rule out that there is an issue, there is definitely a configuration error on your part that causes the sourcemaps not to be found. I would recommend to get in contact with customer support and they can help you getting this resolved.