Sentry.captureException location in stack trace

When I try to capture an exception inside React component using Sentry.captureException the exception location in stack trace is not inside my file, but inside react-dom package.
When I throw an exception, the location is correct.

I have this debug component with two buttons. One throws an exception and the other captures it using captureException. First one works, the second one doesn’t:

function SentryDebug() {
    const crashClient = () => {

    const captureException = () => {
        Sentry.captureException(new Error('Sentry debug error for captureException method'));

    return (
            <button onClick={crashClient}>Client Error</button>
            <button onClick={captureException}>Client captureException</button>

The title in issue detail says Error HTMLUnknownElement.callCallback(...

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to get correct exception location when manually capturing?
Thanks for help