Sentry Creating Lots of Traffic

We have a Javascript implementation of Sentry that is working well. However, we’ve noticed that Sentry is flooding our website with requests, which is creating a lot of noise in our access logs and eating up system resources unnecessarily. Example: - - [19/May/2017:10:50:05 -0500] "GET /reset/h2x5r3m0w HTTP/1.1" 200 5937 "" "sentry/8.13.0 ("

Every request is coming from the same IP - the IP of the gateway sits in front of our Sentry instance. What is causing Sentry to constantly ping our site in this manner and what steps can we take to stop it?

That is happening because we need to scrape your website for sourcemaps if you are not uploading them. You can prevent that by either disabling scraping (Enable JavaScript source fetching) in the project settings and/or by uploading sourcemaps and minified javascript files to us.