Sentry Docker On-Premise Integrations

I have an on-premise installation of Sentry via the docker pathway. When I look at my organization, I don’t see a general “integrations” section.

When I go to the repositories section of my Org’s settings, I see I can add a repository but it doesn’t list Gitlab.

  1. For on-premise installations, should I be seeing an “Integrations” settings section for an organization?
  2. Does sentry on-prem allow for Gitlab to be setup in this way?

If you are running on-prem you are most likely running a pretty old version since Sentry hasn’t had any new releases in a while.

Your best bet is trying to build the Docker image yourself from the master branch.

Read When will a new version be tagged for Sentry Open Source? for more info

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Are there steps listed somewhere to do this?

See this post but note that in the linked thread, matt stated that much of the master branch is undocumented so you may run into other issue (as did I before I reverted to v9)

Create a guide on how to install sentry with docker check it to see if it works for you