Sentry.h not file found ( Visual Code )

Hello everyone,

For an important project for my studies, I need to use Sentry. I am following step by step the different steps of installation and I arrived at the test phase.
I am currently working on a virtual machine on Ubuntu 21.10, and my project is on Visual Studio Code.
But here is, when I launch the Sentry test project, it gives me this error:
main.cpp:3:10: fatal error: sentry.h: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type 3 | #include <sentry.h> | ^~~~~~~~~~ compilation terminated.

I checked my installation and everything looks good. I even tried to install an earlier version.

I checked my “IncludePath” setting and I did give the paths to my Sentry folder.

First of all, is it in the installation folder that I should send my program to get the Sentry library, or is it somewhere else?

Because once the folder is filled in, my program does not point out the library, it seems to find it.

I have already searched a little but many are on MacOs so I did not find a solution to my problem. If you want more picture, ask me.

Thanks in advance for your help