Sentry high availability deploy

There is almost no information on the high availability of Sentry deployment on the Internet. I have recorded my process of deploying Sentry to Kubernetes for your reference:

Nice. Will there be an English version?

It is a nice read-up based on my translation via Google Translate. That said at this point (after all that effort), why not just use

Also, there’s an unofficial k8s chart here:

There are two main reasons for not using sentry. IO:

  1. We want to connect Sentry with our system, such as projects, applications, permissions, etc

  2. Think about it based on cost

There should not be an English version, after all, my English is not good。

I’d love to learn more about this as supports SSO/SAML and internal integrations so it should not be a blocker for adoption.

If you need HA, I’d be very suprised if running and scaling your own instance of Sentry costs less than using the hosted service. Even if they cost the same, you always get the newest version of Sentry and dedicated support. Am I missing something here?

Not to force you but your English seems quite well to converse here. It might attract a wider audience and I’d be happy to proof-read it once you have a draft :slight_smile: