Sentry internal debug log verbosity


Is it possible to turn down the verbosity of the internal logs?

We’re using PaperTrail to centralise our server logs but Sentry is taking up a large chunk of log storage. And the logs are pretty meaningless most of the time.

I guess you’re looking for the -l/--loglevel CLI option or the SENTRY_LOG_LEVEL env var:

I’ll make a note to add something around logging to self-hosted logs, thanks a lot for the question!

Took a while but here’s the updated docs:


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Hi, where do i add any sort of logging in the first place? this shit breaks itself all the time and i have no clue where to start looking.

Hi @brunis - Sentry and all other services log to stdout by default. Sentry also logs any errors it encounters to its internal project for you to inspect. If you are using the docker-compose based setup, you may use docker-compose logs web and other service names to get the logs.

Thanks, nothing useful in there. How do i increase logging?