Sentry members setting changes not working


I have configured Sentry for local test environment and added about 20 members. I recently added github intergration, so there were some duplicate member accounts. So, when I tried to remove the duplicate members in console, it shows like it has removed the member but refreshing the page bring the deleted member back… Also, the approve button for members requesting for access to projects does not work. After approving, when refreshing the page brings it back.

I checked the sentry web logs and it shows api requests PUT made to approve the access requests and DELETE request to remove user. However, it does not seems to be working.

Please help!!!

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I found the cause of the issue. It seems we should not have trailing ‘/’ in the URL set for the Sentry. This causes the Sentry to add another ‘/’ in the API calls URL, so the API calls fail. After I removed the trailing ‘/’ in the Sentry URL under Admin -> Settings, I was able to approve pending requests and remove users.