Sentry not logging events from Airflow

I followed the instructions from Sentry documentation for integrating with Apache Airflow and I added following values to my airflow.cfg (I am using airflow 1.10.15):

environment = dev
traces_sample_rate = 1
sentry_dsn = https://mysdn

But I cannot succeed in finding the errors in Sentry (I do some times, but it seems intermittent).

I identified that manually logging via python scripts works, but via Airflow doesn’t (even enforcing some error in the DAG file).

Sometimes Airflow logs on Sentry and others don’t, it seems intermittent (like if the traces_sample_rate was set to something like 0.5, but this is set to 1).

Do anyone have succeeded in integrating Airflow with Sentry and have some knowledge to share about this issue?