Sentry Public DSN using Raven Java client

We’re using the Raven Java SDK with Log4j 2 and I seem to be getting errors using the public DSN. Is this possible, or should be we using the secret DSN?

You’ll want to use the private DSN with all of the Java integrations.

Okay, thanks for the response. The main reason I asked is because this is for a desktop application and not running on a server.

Yeah, this can be a bit confusing at first. The public DSN is only really used for JavaScript, and it causes some different authentication behavior that wouldn’t apply to a Java desktop application.

Here’s another explanation:

Unless you’re a browser-based implementation you should use the full DSN.

The security implication is only that someone can send events on your behalf, which your only resolve is to revoke the API key and ship a new one. There’s no other access given by default with client keys.

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