[@sentry/react] Sentry is not sending the errors as issues to my project despite catching the error

Package + Version

@sentry/react 6.10.0


I’ve been mostly following React | Sentry Documentation to try and set up Sentry to an existing React app. The only thing I have done differently is removing the BrowserTracing part of the config (I started off with that, but removing it didn’t seem to change the problem I have, so this helps to simplify the issue), as I don’t care so much about the performance tracing side of things for now, so it looks like the following:

  dsn: "https://xxx@xxx.ingest.sentry.io/xxxxxxx",
  environment: process.env.NODE_ENV,
  debug: true, // turned this on for now to help debugging...
  release: `${process.env.NODE_ENV}-test`, // this is temporary whilst testing

Then, I followed the ErrorBoundary guide and set one up like so, before using it to wrap around the entire app at the root level:

      beforeCapture={(scope) => {
        scope.setTag("isFatal", isFatal);
      fallback={<ErrorFallback isFatal={isFatal} />}

I then made a page component deliberately throw an error when navigating to it, and unsurprisingly I get the following error:

Error: deliberate error
  34 | 
  35 | const { data: user, error, isLoading } = useCurrentUser();
  36 | 
> 37 | throw new Error("deliberate error");
     | ^  38 | // eslint-disable-next-line
  39 | return (
  40 |   <>
View compiled
▶ 4 stack frames were collapsed.
  84 |   // NOTE: If you are a Sentry user, and you are seeing this stack frame, it
  85 |   //       means the sentry.javascript SDK caught an error invoking your application code. This
  86 |   //       is expected behavior and NOT indicative of a bug with sentry.javascript.
> 87 |   return fn.apply(this, wrappedArguments);
     | ^  88 | } catch (ex) {
  89 |   ignoreNextOnError();
  90 | 

The error snippet there clearly shows that Sentry has caught the uncaught exception in my code, except it’s not being sent to Sentry as an issue when I checked my dashboard on Sentry! I’ve even tried using the DebugIntegration from @sentry/integrations to see if the events are being passed through correctly and it looks like they are based off the following screenshot:
Screenshot 2021-08-01 at 02 12 07

The last thing in case it might be helpful - I’m using Create React App for the project, also on the latest stable version of react-scripts (4.0.3)

I’m at a bit of a lost end here as to what else I could try! Any suggestions on what else I may have overlooked would be appreciated :pray:

Turns out I was tasked to set this up without realising the account has hit the month’s limit… so there is actually nothing wrong here :upside_down_face: