Sentry.setTag() doesn't report tags for events all the time

I tried:
Sentry.configureScope(scope => scope.setUser({ id: ‘’})); // clear automatically set user

after I get the userID
Sentry.setTag('loggedInUser', userID);

I see loggedInUser reported only for a few events, not all. Same is the case when I used:
Sentry.setUser("id", userID);

What am I doing wrong?

Which SDK is that?

Sentry’s React native SDK (@sentry/react-native@2.3.0)

Tried -
Sentry.setUser({ id: userID });
Sentry.setTag(“loggedInUser”, userID);
And I saw that only some of the crash events come with a loggedInUser tag or a User.

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