Sentry Upgrade without db superuser privilege

We are installing sentry 9.1.2 on on premises openshift platfrom and using postgres server which is managed by a seperete team. They are reluctant to provide superuser privilege to the db stating organization policies. We requested for temporary superuser privilege until migration is complete. We were asked to provide details like what superuser privilege does on the db end.

Please provide if any permissions can he granted alternative to superuser privilege or let us know the impact of superuser. We checked required rpms and extensions like citext available. We are getting error like

django.db.utils.ProgrammingError: ProgrammingError(‘column “is managed” of relation “auth_user” does not exist


Admin access would only be needed for the initial setup and upgrades where we run migrations. These may create/delete/alter tables and the initial migration would also create the database for Sentry.

This implies that you have broken migrations.

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