Sentry vs Gitlab. Release issue

Hello! I try to add auto-release in sentry.
Using ansible and POST request:

  url: http://my.sentry/api/hooks/release/builtin/61/long_hash/
  method: POST
  body_format: json
    Content-Type: application/json
    version: MY_VERSION
      repository: org/repo1
      commit: 20ef0aeeaad85502e941f8d2cff0b22fab295c10
      previousCommit: 3e3bf4b772e910a1ba9adbebe98c2aa7022aafe5
    projects: sentry_proj
    dateStarted: "2020-04-06T14:37:04.468791Z"
    enviroment: production
  return_content: yes
  status_code: 200, 201, 208

I see new release in sentry for my project, but no information about commits. Can you help me with this?

It looks like, hook doesn’t work with commits. Change for full api with auth and it works.