Sentry with C compiled Python

I recently picked up Sentry, and it amazes me how well it gives information about the exceptions and how it traces back the exceptions even when they are handled earlier on in the code.
The only problem I encountered is that all this information seem to vanish when the (Python) code is C-compiled with Cython. This makes sense since it no longer exists as readable Python code, so I have been trying to reproduce the process by manually logging the relevant information in the stacktrace, but the stacktrace alone does not get as much information as Sentry manages to get. I am also unsure how to nicely put this information into the Sentry Exceptions that we see in Issues on their website.

Anyone else who have encountered this and know a solution on how to get as detailed information or how to send it to Sentry in a good way?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hey, what about using breadcrumbs?

I havn’t dug too deep into how breadcrumbs work yet, as far as I understand I can custom place messages in specific parts of the code which will be included in the Issue if they are run during the execution? In that case, that could work! :slight_smile:
Thanks for the suggestion, will check it out.