Sentry with Clickhouse v21.8

Hi everyone,

I am testing sentry with clickhouse v21.8 in staging env and I didn’t find any issue but I can’t say with confirmation that everything is working fine. I am starting this thread to know if anyone has tested this before.

I came across an earlier discussion Support for Clickhouse 21.x which says otherwise so I am curious.


Tagging @fpacifici and @lynnagara here as they are the ones working on this.

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thanks for testing it out :smiley:
We did not test 21.8 so far. So cannot say for sure whether you will run into problems.
We are planning to move to 21.8 during Q4 2021 and Q1 2022.

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Hi @fpacifici

One thing i missed mentioning before is this upstream issue Backwards compatibility broken when nesting Nullable inside LowCardinality data type · Issue #26556 · ClickHouse/ClickHouse · GitHub

Since snuba uses such schema in transactions CH table we would need to be careful about this breaking change.

Thank you!

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