Source code was not found for chrome-extension://<URL>

In our chrome extension, we inject a script to the page, and we initiate that script inside Raven.

But we always see that error message

Source code was not found for chrome-extension://gklfcaofjmilchcphdgbhjeoopdaejje/dist/authors/script.js

How could we solve this?

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Adding to this, we have the same problem

built with webpack (source maps are there but that shouldn’t be the problem since it can’t even find sources)

For anyone struggling: you need to add --url-prefix when uploading sourcemaps, like this:

`sentry-cli releases -o ${org} -p ${project} files ${version} upload-sourcemaps ${distPath} --url-prefix "chrome-extension://ckcfjkiackeclohodgajcpenmphxjkkb/"`

(insert your extn id)

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I also resolved this issue using this urlPrefix ‘~/’