Sourcemap processing Error

Hi all, I’ve been looking up on this forum on the same topic. I don’t think there has been any concrete answer to why Sentry is trying to get sourcemaps from an external location when the sourcemap is already in the artifact attached to the release.

I’m using webpack’s SourceMapDevToolPlugin to create sourcemaps

new webpack.SourceMapDevToolPlugin({
        filename: '[name]',
        append: '//# sourceMappingURL=[url]'

I’m using @sentry/webpack-plugin for uploading the generated sourcemaps to sentry

The setting for the sentry webpack-plugin is as follows:

new SentryCliPlugin({
       include: resolve('./clients/', process.env.ARTIFACT, 'dist'),
       ignore: ['node_modules', 'webpack.config.js'],
       ext: ['map']

In the above, i’m just including whatever is in the client/XXX/dist folder that has the .map extension.

The release is set to the latest git commit since i’ve omitted it out (this is the default fallback).

Below are the keys that i’ve set in my .sentryclirc file



I’m uploading the minified files to s3 but leaving out the .map files generated

I have no clue why it is trying to fetch the sourcemaps from s3. See image below for the 403 error. It’s 403 because there’s no such file that URL anyway.

I’ve also checked the release and I see that all the .map files have been uploaded as artifacts

I’ve already tried a scenario where I’ve uploaded the minified .js files + the .map files. and it gave the same 403 errors by trying to fetch from my s3 cdn

What am I missing here? is there something wrong with my webpack build process? Is there something I should be writing in the .sentryclirc file?

Hope to get some help on this here.

Thanks Sentry and fellow community members


Fixed the issue with the urlPrefix option using SentryCliPlugin

new SentryCliPlugin({
              include: resolve('./clients/', process.env.ARTIFACT, 'dist'),
              ignore: ['node_modules', 'webpack.config.js'],
              urlPrefix: `~/clients/${process.env.CLIENT_NAME}/${process.env.NODE_ENV}/${process.env.VERSION_NUMBER}`,
              release: `${process.env.SENTRY_PROJECT}-${process.env.NODE_ENV}-${process.env.VERSION_NUMBER}-${commit}`