Split Related Events

Is there some way to split an issue in Sentry? ie sentry has combined two events as related but they are in fact not related?

Only by specifying a fingerprint manually can you change the grouping behavior. Sentry combines issues based on the stacktrace, so it’s very rare for it group two-unrelated things together. When it does, it’s often because there’s no way it could reliably know that they’re different.

I have some issues that have very clear but very different stack traces that are being marked as related.

The only thing I can think of is that they’re marking a few frames as in_app=True, and those frames happen to be the same across different exceptions (but the rest of the stacktrace, which isn’t your code, is different).

Is there a safe way for me to share a link to the event so you could take a look?

You can email support@ with the links and we’ll take a look.