StatsD Metrics for uWSGI

Has anyone here configured Sentry to export it’s internal uWSGI metrics to a statsd processor? Looking at the documentation, it appears to me that this should be configurable from SENTRY_WEB_OPTIONS, but thought to ask here before experimenting along a wrong path.

We personally use the dogstatsd plugin with uwsgi, and it works fine. You do have to install the plugin on top of Sentry since we obviously aren’t shipping with it.

We basically do something like this in our docker builds:

RUN mkdir /tmp/uwsgi-dogstatsd \
    && curl -fsSL \
        | tar -xvz -C /tmp/uwsgi-dogstatsd --strip-components=1 \
    && uwsgi --build-plugin /tmp/uwsgi-dogstatsd \
    && rm -rf /tmp/uwsgi-dogstatsd \
    && mkdir -p /var/lib/uwsgi \
    && mv /var/lib/uwsgi/ \
    && uwsgi --need-plugin=/var/lib/uwsgi/dogstatsd --help > /dev/null

That’s exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!