Success rate / error rate

We are getting quite a lot of errors on one of our endpoints. At the same time we know it is working fine for most of our customers. Exactly how big of an issue this is, is hard to tell without having metrics on success rate / error rate.

I’m sure I’m not the only one in this pickle. How do you do this? Do you add another tracking system? I love Sentry so much and really hope this is something that could easily be solved with Sentry.

Right now most folks use a traditional systems monitoring tool (like Datadog) to capture these and plot them. We know thats not ideal, and its often tricky to get the right data into those systems. We also know that its silly to use two systems to identify the problem.

This is something we’re going to be providing an official solution around in the near-ish future.

Thanks. I really look forward to it.

Coming from Cloudwatch and LogEntries I was blown away by the onboarding of Sentry and immediately fell in love with it. Really wish I didn’t need to use two systems to understand how my solution is performing.