Symbolicator 401 Unauthorized Error

Hi Team,

I get the following error message in the logs of symbolicator, any ideas on how to fix this? As soon as the following error shows up, the events are stopped from being shown in the UI.

Symbolicator image version : getsentry/symbolicator:670ad27

2021-05-04T09:20:09Z [symbolicator::services::download::sentry] WARN: Sentry returned 
status code 401 Unauthorized
2021-05-04T09:20:09Z [symbolicator::actors::objects] ERROR: Failed to fetch file list from 
sentry: failed to fetch data from Sentry
caused by: bad status code from Sentry: 401 Unauthorized

Config.yml of symbolicator:

cache_dir: "/data"
bind: ""
  level: "trace"
  statsd: null
sentry_dsn: null # TODO: Automatically fill this with the internal project DSN
connect_to_reserved_ips: true
    max_unused_for: 2d
    retry_misses_after: 5m
    retry_malformed_after: 5m
    max_unused_for: 1d
    retry_misses_after: 5m
    retry_malformed_after: 5m
    retention: 1d

Kindly let me know if you need more details.

Are they running on the same network?


I have the setup running in kubernetes and they run within the same namespace.

I don’t know what that means :smiley:

I think they need to run in the same private network so Sentry allows access. @untitaker may know more.

this function determines whether a request is authenticated. You need to add a value to sentry/ at 7228f650a2776ba7951be11442ca4bb2200276f7 · getsentry/sentry · GitHub in your to make those requests go through. It needs to be the IP net that symbolicator’s requests come from, from sentry’s POV.

Hi @untitaker

Thankyou for the solution it worked and now symbolicator is able to talk with sentry and the connection succeeds.

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