Temporarily disable all event/error tracking

It would be great if we could have a way to temporarily disable all event/error tracking on Sentry on the entire account or per project basis. As during server maintenance there are some known errors that will occur however they get lumped together with other similar errors and are hard to weed out. If there was just a checkbox/switch (with confirmation of course) on the Sentry dashboard that would essentially throw all errors away while it is turned off that would be great!

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You can just disable the DSN in the project settings temporarily: https://sentry.io/settings/:org/projects/:project/keys/


Disabling DSN is your best solution - we’ve talked in the past about having a formal maintenance mode, but there’s nothing in there right now.

Is here any option to disable/enable Sentry DSN over CURL with API call?

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What is the current guidance for this? I am not seeing disabling the DNS key under Client Keys (DSN) work. Is there an eventually consistent factor at play here or should disabling it affect the project immediately?

Sorry for the old thread, this is the top hit on Google for this problem.

Keys are cached, but that shouldn’t last longer than a minute or so.

Current guidance is still to revoke keys if you can’t change the client.

@zeeg Thanks for the reply.

It does still work, sorry for the false alarm. It took about 30 minutes for Sentry to stop sending Slack alerts from the project I disabled.

Is there a way to disable on a per-environment basis?

@FocusedJames same experience here. It took about 30 minutes to stop sending me Slack notifications and storing new events. There should be a maintenance mode feature.