Track sentry errors with itself

Is it possible to track sentry errors in a sentry project on it’s own?

I’m currently getting Sentry errors (i.e. from issue 85, issue 132 and other python errors) and Sentry seems to track these errors but adds it to a project that is not at all related to sentry.

@BYK suggested that I should create an “internal” project which I did.

But I’m still getting various Sentry errors on this unrelated Project from Sentry containers (in this case a sentry worker):

Is there any setting that should handle this? Just creating a project called “internal” doesn’t seem to help at all.

I did not suggest creating an internal project, I said there should already be an existing “internal” project which Sentry itself logs to automatically. This is my experience when setting up 9.1.1 from the onpremise repo.

Can you provide more details about your setup?

Sure, I’m using Sentry with the Docker setup and the current latest image.

What particular details do you need?
Can I mark the newly created internal project afterwards as “post sentry entries here”?

Sharing your configuration would go a long way.

Don’t think so but may be possible through a config. Researching right now :slight_smile:

Looks like there are two places that controls this behavior:

  1. Logging config:
  2. Internal project id:

I have a feeling that your configuration is overriding some of the defaults that affect this behavior, very likely to be the logging part.

Ah, I guess I renamed the project back then because I thought it is a sample project.
And due to the hardcoded id I probably can’t change it. :confused:

Okay, I guess I have to switch project purposes then.

Thank you for hinting me to the right spots @BYK :+1:

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