Typescript uploaded sourcemaps don't seem to be working


I’m having some issues with typescript sourcemaps.

In my issues (i.e. Sign In | Sentry)

it looks like this:

I think there are a few things that I have not managed to configure correctly:

  • The paths to the typescript files seem malformed: /app/dist/webpack:/src/backend/instrumentation.ts I would expect it to just be /src/backend/instrumentation.ts
  • It’s complaining it can’t find source code - /app/dist/webpack:/src/backend/route_registry.ts - which is probably the same issue as above
  • In the js stack trace it seems to be using the unmapped file.

I can see my source maps have been uploaded: ~/server.js and ~/server.js.map are there

I have my code mapping set up as:

  • stack trace root: /app/dist/
  • source code root: ‘’
    I thought this would have helped with /app/dist/webpack:/src/backend/instrumentation.ts but it has not

My webpack plugin config is this:

new SentryPlugin({
          release: process.env.RELEASE,
          include: "./dist",

If anyone could point in the direction to what I have missed/misconfigured it would be much appreciated